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101 Summary and Gender Professor Ramos Blog

101 Summary and Gender Quick Write Quick Write In your own words, what argument is Slaughter making? The Art of Summarizing Chapter 2 explains how to write an extended summary. We will be working with this today moving into beginning our essays. Careful you do not write a list summary or â€Å"closest cliche†. The book treats summary and paraphrase similarly. Keep in mind that you will also be using quotes. We Should All Be Feminist What is a feminist? A person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER, â€Å"Why Women Still Can’t Have It All†Ã‚  [p. 534] RICHARD DORMENT, â€Å"Why Men Still Can’t Have It All†Ã‚  [p. 555] Slaughter Why Women Still Cant Have it All The Slaughter article was published in  The Atlantic. Take 3 minutes and find something you had a question about or wanted to talk about from the Slaughter article. Dorment Why Men Still Cant Have it All

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Writer's choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Writer's choice - Essay Example 36).1 This paper explores the development of the slavery system in the New York colonies and compares it to that in the Southern colonies. Slavery in New York dates back to the period between 1626 and 1827. Although it is not mentioned in many historical books and other slavery materials, slavery greatly contributed to the development of the NY City. The same case was copied by the southern colonies, Manhattan. Unlike in the Northern colonies, the Southern ones appeared to be more brutal in its dealings with the slaves. This is attributed to the load of work that existed in the Southern states. They relied on them in entirety in their day-to-day operations. Both the Dutch and the New Yorkers saw the Africans and the black Americans as the group fit to be slaves despite the society having had other more marginalized groups based on religion and race, even though they demonstrated in their slavery life to free themselves. The African Burial Ground is a landmark located in Manhattan. This is the place where the death victims of slavery, mostly Africans, were buried. It was discovered in 1991 during the construction of the New Federal Office Building. Over 400 dead Africans were buried here following loss of lives in the hands of the Dutch colonizers (Jones, 2009).2 This is a clear indication of the mistreatment the slaves received in the Southern colonies which amounted to in-human treatments of being man-handled ‘The graves revealed to New Yorkers and the nation an aspect of history long hidden: the large numbers of enslaved African and African American men, women, and children who laboured to create colonial Manhattan’ (Harris, 2004, p. 14). Unlike the New York colonizers, the southern colonies viewed black slaves as vessels meant to serve them the way they desired. Therefore, they cared less about their lives, and if a

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World Trade Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

World Trade Organization - Essay Example It is a paradigm shift or a movement as we might call it, one that brings more stability within the ranks (where it is applied) and unison in the efforts and activities of all concerned. More often than not, we have seen improvements within the present day systems owing to globalization and it is because of this very perspective of change that we see world bodies doing their utmost to reach out to far flung areas and explore hidden markets for the betterment of one and all. (Berberoglu, 2005) In an economic zone, globalization plays a significant role at increasing trade on an international front which as compared to the global economy, is much faster and ahead of its time. Furthermore, we can predict an increase in the flow of capital that has been coming from the global regimes which might include for the foreign direct investment as being one part of it. (Aase, 2004) Then there are the agreements which are signed on a global scale that eventually lead to world bodies like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and others. Global financial systems also come to light as their developmental work gets thumbs up. International transactions speed up as the world bodies like WTO, WIPO, IMF and the like play their role in a more coherent and active manner. Economic practices like global sourcing or outsourcing as we know of it, off-shoring and others increase courtesy the multinational concerns. Within globalization, the legal stance is one that focuses more on the increase in th e number of different standards worldwide, which in all essence must be made use of. These include copyright laws, privacy obligations, patenting and others which somehow or the other mesh along well with the legal framework of different multinationals and institutions as a result of the same. Globalization helps improve cultural exchange across a wide cross section of regions scattered all over the world. It helps in playing

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Determining Databases and Data Communications Essay Example for Free

Determining Databases and Data Communications Essay Getting organized and planning ahead for trade shows is critical to a successful showing. As the marketing assistant for XYZ Consumer Electronics Company, I have a number of tasks to complete for the trade show booth setup. There several ways, in which the equipment, components, shippers and shipments can be categorized, cataloged and tracked. This can be done either by entering the information into a data base to print an itemized report or plug in the information into the respective fields in an Excel Spreadsheet. To determine the best way of managing the trade show booth below is a list of things to keep in mind about the components, equipment, shippers, shipment, and time to assemble the pertinent equipment for display. The first steps in preparing for a trade show would be: †¢Select space and determine size of footprint based on the equipment and components †¢Prepare your budget †¢Determine exhibit needs and objectives †¢Select primary vendors (transportation company, installation/dismantle) †¢Identify promotions and/or give-away items †¢Produce show literature and marketing materials †¢Plan in-booth audio visual programs and presentations/demonstrations The typical fields needed to track the Components would be: †¢The Name of component †¢The quantity of each item †¢ the size of each item or carton †¢ the weight of each pallet or item †¢ how long it takes to unload the components †¢ the length of time needed to set up †¢How long it takes to break down †¢Tools required for each piece The typical fields needed to track the Equipment would be: †¢Quantity of pieces of equipment †¢Which container has each piece of equipment †¢The placement of the piece of equipment once it arrives at the show †¢The cost of each piece of the equipment (in case of damage) Keeping track of the shippers and shipments: †¢The Name of the Shipper †¢The Shippers phone number, address and contact person †¢Tracking number or Pro number †¢What the Travel time and estimated date and time of arrival †¢What the Travel time to and from the location would be †¢The Container Company Insurance information in case of damage in transit †¢The Quantity of pieces per container †¢The Quantity of containers containing goods (numbering or color coding would be helpful as a reference on an Excel spreadsheet) †¢The Date and time container was loaded Having all of the above listed information, a check list can be created either in a data base or on an excel spread sheet to make sure all of the needful items make it to the trade show. With numerous items, multiple containers and possibly different arrivals of these items a check list would make the process easier. A database system is one option that could be used in this situation, or if one would be more comfortable with a spreadsheet. We all know that a database is a â€Å"self-describing collection of integrated records† (Kroenke, 2012, p. 101). A data base could be useful whereas you can print different reports, store all the information on the components and equipment for you and others to access whether at the trade show or in the office. A database is meant to collect, filter and report data quickly. The information entered into the database can be used to populate spreadsheets, import and export data between word processing and excel. As well as the ability to create reports that take less time and effort then putting together and manually entering an excel spreadsheet. It will enable you to integrate various departments like procurement, finance, traffic and the trade show team members into the process. Database provides up to date information, and the data is in a consistent format (Kavanagh 2002, 7-11). I would choose to use an enterprise database over a personal database. They both have the same functionality and data modifications, but the enterprise database also has additional networking capabilities. The decision support system (DSS) I would chose to work on for this as well as other projects would be ACT!. It works with the daily business tools such as Windows, MS Office, Outlook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and has been integrated with our  Quickbooks accounting system. With this accessibility it provides visibility to open quote, payment status, sales orders, purchase orders, a full customer view and th e list goes on. A few of the highlights that are †¢Group Scheduling †¢Group Dashboards and Reports †¢Enhanced Security Settings †¢Advanced Admin Options †¢HTML5-based Mobile Included †¢Hosting Options Available Scenario Two As the manager of a small consulting business, that has some of my employees working from home while others are in the office, it is important that we are able to communicate with each other and to our customers. Technology has provided new tools in the industry that has made it convenient to communicate through video conferencing, voice calls, e mails, and instant messaging. Having half of my employees telecommuting the best option for the company would be to have a WAN. A WAN will allow computers in different locations all to be connected to the network and have the ability to share information. While a LAN, would only be able to share the information with the computers on the network at that specific location. LANWAN Local reachGlobal reach Internal networkInternational network Relatively simpleRelatively complex Simple to InstallProfessional installation required The need and the benefits of having a wireless network for my small business: †¢Convenience Being able to access your network resources from any location within your wireless networks coverage area. †¢Mobility. The ability to go online anywhere and with different devices, not being tied to your desk. †¢Easy setup No string cables, so installation can be easy and cheap. †¢Expandable – Can expand wireless networks with existing equipment. †¢Security wireless networks provide enhanced security protections. VPN uses a virtual connection through the internet from my company to my telecommuting employee’s. This is helpful to my company’s security because  the data will be encrypted for anyone trying to intercept the information. Reference MIS Essentials, Second Edition, by David M. Kroenke. Published by Prentice Hall. Copyright  © 2012 Shaw RL, Booth A, Sutton AJ, Miller T, Smith JA, Young B, et al. Finding qualitative research: an evaluation of search strategies. BMC Med Res Methodol 2004;4:5

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rasputin Essay -- essays research papers

Rasputin: The Saint Who Sinned â€Å"It's good to know that if I act strangely enough, society will take full responsibility for me." Ashleigh Brilliant may have subconsciously considered the effect that society has on us all and how wound up we can all get into our lives, our beliefs, and maybe even our visions. Our visions are the most important thing to all of us and one day may get us into the most excellent position or the most hideous position. We always chose to believe what we want to believe no matter what the public tells us. Perhaps they wrapped Grigorii Yefemovich Rasputin up in life and society when he claimed to have a vision of Virgin Mary. At that point he was placed in a most excellent position, but remember we see and chose to believe only what we wish. From that one of the most mysterious and unusual life and death stories ever lived were of Grigorii Yefemovich Rasputin. The greatest events in this man's life can be found in his early life, the Russian influence he achieved, and the u nnatural death that has boggled the minds of many learned scholars. The early life of any child can be and is most of the time the most influential time of a child's life. The life of the parent's is, in that way, important to many. Someone can find passages into the life of the mysterious child. The parents of Grigorii Rasputin are of no exception. They have been apart of their children's lives. The mother of three, Anne Egorovna, took on the task of keeping together the home. The local custom was for the man to tend to the wheat crop and nothing more, and they did, in fact, follow local custom. The house, however, was not that of a wealthy peasant, having only one story. The father of Rasputin, Efimii or Evimii Andreevich, came to Siberia from Saratov, where he had trouble with the law. He was a carter working for the state, and he had passed out dead drunk by his horse on the way back from a fair, only to find that when he awoke someone had stolen the horse. They imprisoned him for losing state property (the horse). He served his term and mov ed east to Pokrovskoe. He established there and stopped drinking, won neighbors respect and married Anne. The two newlyweds bore three children, two boys and one girl, one of which was Rasputin. Grigorii was born on July 10, 1869 in the village of Pokrovsko... ...er and cause of death was drowning. According to an anonymous source, "Some would say that they had seen Rasputin leaving the city . . . of course none of this could be proven but it adds interesting spice to the story of a less than priestly priest whose healing powers seemed equaled by his seeming immortality. The part Rasputin played in Russian history has little to do with facts it comes from the tangled mass of hearsay and innuendo in which he was wrapped. It was not so much what Rasputin did but what he was rumored to do that mattered in history. In this respect he was, literally, a legend in his own time. The legend was known to the whole of Russia, the man to very few. Even the manner of his death was legendary, nor do the legends end with his death. Grigorii Yefimovich Rasputin lead one of the unusual and mysterious life and death stories ever lived. The early life, the Russian influence he gained, and the death of this amazing man all contribute to his legend. Many believed Rasputin was mad, but he was not mad he was a man of spiritual healing in an unknown form. Aristotle sums it up best in saying, "There was never a genius without a tincture of madness."

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Love Letter to Her

From the moment I heard your voice I felt a connection to your soul. I can still remember exactly how you looked the day we first met. Your beautiful eyes captured my heart and your smile erased any and all doubts that I had ever experienced. When you opened your arms I stepped into your loving, kind embrace and knew that I was â€Å"home† right where I had always belonged. You knew just the words to say to put me at ease and when your hand reached out to hold mine, I realized that I had found my future, my soul-mate and the love that I had always dreamed of discovering.We spoke for hours about every possible subject and never ran out of words to say to each other. I could see the longing and passion in your eyes and I am sure that it was a reflection of the incredibly intense desire that I was feeling at the same moment. The world had ceased to exist and there were only the two of us sitting next to each other, holding hands and experiencing emotions that we had never felt be fore. When you first whispered the words, â€Å"I love you,† into my ear as we walked towards your room, it was the happiest moment in my life. My joy was deeper, richer and more intense than I had ever dreamed possible.I can remember the tears in my eyes as I turned to look at you. The kiss we shared that night was one I shall never forget. Having to tell you â€Å"Good Night† and return home without you was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life. Even knowing that you would call me on the phone later to wish me goodnight once more made our parting no easier to bear. The moments when we were apart seemed like a bitter eternity and I could barely wait until the next time I would see you or talk to you. Never have distances seemed so long and cold and lonely.Our phone conversations would often have long moments where the two of us just held the phone to our ears and took comfort from the sound of the other's soft breathing. You are the only person that could cause my heart to skip a beat with just a sidelong glance or a gentle smile. I gaze into your eyes and lose track of where I am, and even who I am. Your voice stirs a deeply intense longing in every fiber of my body and your caress makes me feel as though I am melting inside. These are feelings that I never knew existed and now I never want to lose these feelings, not even for a moment.Ever since you came into my life I have known what true love and desire really are and these are emotions that many people will never know. You appear to me in my dreams and even these imaginary kisses rock my world and thrill me to the very core of my being. I can barely wait until the night is here, when I can lie in bed and dream of you once more. I want nothing more than to spend my life with you at my side. When I wake in the morning I want to find you there beside me. When I go to sleep at night I want to feel your arms holding me, protecting me from the world.You are the one true love of my life and I am only sorry that it took us so many years to meet. Now that we have found each other and are making a life together I will never again know the empty feelings of loneliness. You have made my life complete and I shall cherish your incredible gift of unconditional love and devotion until the moment that my body takes its last breath on this Earth. I love you, my babygirl No matter what the future holds for us I will love you until the end of time, and beyond. These words are my promise to never take you for granted or doubt the love that binds us for now and all eternity.

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Social Institutions and Manipulation Exposed in A...

As teenagers deviate from the constraining grasp of their parents, they begin to establish their own identity through decisions; however, their development of self-identification is frequently hindered by manipulation of societal institutions such as: justice system, religion, and media. Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange, establishes the idea of freewill and how it is suppressed when Alex, the main protagonist, undergoes the manipulative Ludovicos technique, religious lectures, and social norms influenced by media- used to instill pain when Alexs desires violence/music and finding salvation, which is similar to the treatment of criminals in our society; ultimately utilized to mitigate crime, but also suppresses freewill†¦show more content†¦Another foible implicitly tied to the Justice System is fear administered by police officials. By enforcing the law they constantly remind society that there are certain inadmissible actions, which lead to repercussions; in o ther words, they want citizens to be orderly and to not transgress against society, even if our intentions do not abide to the law. This is akin to Alex, the main protagonist in the novel A Clockwork Orange, by inflicting internal pain through Ludovicos technique, which is administered by prison doctors to manipulate and suppress Alexs truculent desire. Despite the reassurance offered by the justice system, they are, in some way, manipulating our decisions to serve the greater good of society, while surreptitiously serving as dictators to society and criminals. Therefore, the Justice system, with their subtle constraints, has a resounding effect on the choices made by individuals. Often times, pondering individuals in search of salvation acquire their peace-of-mind by succumbing to religious movements to atone for their sins; however, religion has always been a tool of oppression since its advent because followers grow to acknowledge their