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Christan World View for Doctrine of Trinity -

Question: How do you understand the doctrine of the Trinity? Answer Discussion: The doctrine of Trinity is foundational to the faith of Christian religion. It is important to understand the role of God and how exactly it is related to us. The major point of consideration is the presence of God as one and also as three. There remains a contradiction to this part. The three distinct persons are the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. If stated differently, it can be said that God is actually one in presence but three in person (Grenz Smith, 2015). The three persons have distinct characteristics. In the words of Bible, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are all considered as God and at the same time they are considered as distinct persons. The relationship between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is complicated as well. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit is considered as a force and at the same time, he is considered as a person who can speak, think and can understand and give reason as well. The Holy Spirit has the quality of parenthood (, 2017). Thus, he is a real person and not a mere force. Sometimes it is assumed that there is no God and at times, it is also divided into three beings. References: (2017) Introduction to the Trinity Retrieved from: [Accessed on: 15-5-2017] Grenz, S. J., Smith, J. T. (2015).Created for community: Connecting Christian belief with Christian living. Baker Academic.

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Information Ecologies

Wiki Evaluation Description of Structure and Purpose The self-declared purpose of the wiki is, â€Å"to become the most comprehensive and appropriately structured wiki on the complex interdisciplinary and integrated issue of knowledge management† (Wikia, 2011). The wiki offers a wide range of destinations to various elements of knowledge management.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Information Ecologies-The Next Level specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The organization of content is by categories and not by articles, as compared to other wikis such as Wikipedia. It enables visitors to browse through it, to search the categories for information and to contribute towards the content of the wiki. If anyone wants to add to the content of the wiki, he or she needs to register and create an account to be part of the collaborative community. Its design is such that it allows one to easily create an article within t he wiki and post it for everyone’s consumption. Overall Look and Feel The home page of the wiki contains more than fifty links and widgets placed on the page using various techniques. They include icons, drop down menus, highlighted text, hyperlinked texts, and bookmarks. In addition, it has links to other wikis run by Wikia. Wikia kept the use of color and graphics to a minimum. The only exceptions to this are the links to other wikis and websites. This makes the wiki appear a bit drab, which is a common feature of academic and knowledge based websites. The high number of links on the first page makes the wiki feel heavy and crowded. This wiki targets the â€Å"dispersed KM comminities and resources† that include academics and knowledge management professionals (Wikia, 2011). What the Site Gives The wiki gives knowledge management enthusiasts the opportunity to collaborate and share information in an online platform. They can browse through the structured content and participate in online polls on various aspects of knowledge management. They can also join debates and discussions in forums on the wiki. It provides links to other educational websites that may be of interest to a knowledge management practitioner. Another important feature of the wiki is its attempt to provide articles in more than on language. It does not have translation options though, limiting cross language collaboration. There are many categories and articles that have not yet been developed. The information content is still very thin and narrow. References Cummings, R. E. (2008). Wiki Writing: Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom. Michigan: University of Michigan Press.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Rigby, B. (2008). Mobilizing Generation 2.0: A Practical Guide to Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Recruit , Organize and Engage Youth. Hoboken, NJ: John Wile y and Sons. Wikia. (2011). About Knowledge Management. Retrieved from Knowledge Management Wiki: This report on Information Ecologies-The Next Level was written and submitted by user Dayana Turner to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Is It Possible To Feel Sympathy For Macbeth Essay Example

Is It Possible To Feel Sympathy For Macbeth Paper We can take a quote from this scene where all the witches chant: Fair is foul and foul is fair, this quote IS hinting towards Macbeth future, with he quotes meaning being that things dont look the same as they actually are on the inside. In the second scene, king Duncan learns the rebels, led by traitor Thane of Castor Macdonald, has been crushed by Macbeth, Macbeth is praised for his bravery shown in this quote: for brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name, disdaining fortune, with his brandished steel this shows his bravery and loyalty, at this point he is a soldier with good intentions and no aspiration for harm. After Duncan hears this news he orders for McDonalds execution and announces Macbeth to be the new hand of Castor. Dunces condemns Macdonald by saying no more that Thane of Castor shall deceive our bosoms interest, meaning that he wont receive matters close to his heart. In scene three the witches appear and discuss putting a horrific spell on a sailor just for being rude to one of the witches, this is hinting towards the way they treat Macbeth and what Macbeth is going to be dragged into. The witches then come to Macbeth and Banana to give a prophecy in which they hail Macbeth as Thane of Glacis, Thane of Castor and King hereafter, the three witches then disappear. After, Angus and Ross tell Macbeth he is the new Thane Castor, this tells Macbeth the prophecy is true. Macbeth is very interested and tempted in the crown now we know this from this quote: Why do yield to that suggestion whose horrid image doth unfix my hair, and make me my seated heart knock at my ribs. Macbeth has just thought about killing Duncan but the thought makes him feel an odd sick feeling, his humanity provokes us to feel sympathy for Macbeth. In scene 4, King Duncan thanks Macbeth and Banana personally. You can tell that Macbeth wants the crown as he flatters Duncan as he says The service and loyalty owe in doing it, pays itself, Your highness part is to receive our duties. However Malcolm, Dunces son, is announced as the next king, you can feel sympathy for Macbeth here because what he has be en promised by the witches has been taken away from him. We will write a custom essay sample on Is It Possible To Feel Sympathy For Macbeth specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Is It Possible To Feel Sympathy For Macbeth specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Is It Possible To Feel Sympathy For Macbeth specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer However this quotes tells us that Macbeth wants to kill Duncan: that is a Step on which I must fall down, or else Orleans, for in my way it lies, he is saying he must either forget about his ambitions or plan to do something about the obstacles in the way of his true, his decision is made: stars hide your fires! Let not light see my black and deep desires. He is asking God to not let anyone discover his ambitions; we lose sympathy for Macbeth at this point. In scene 5, Lady Macbeth reads a letter from Macbeth of what the witches have predicted, Lady Macbeth becomes desperate for the crown and will now stop at nothing to get it. However she doubts Machetes drive for this throne: yet I do fear thy nature. It is too full o the milk of human kindness so she decides to persuade by pouring her spirits into thing ear. When Macbeth arrives home she persuades and manipulates him into killing Duncan when he comes to spend the night at their castle. We can feel sympathy for Macbeth at this point because he has thinking about killing Duncan and he is vulnerable but Lady Macbeth causes him to change his mind. Scene 6 is a very short one in which Duncan and others arrives at Inverness and is greeted by Lady Macbeth, and flatters him by saying: all our service, in every point done twice and then double, were poor and single business to contend against those honors deep and broad wherewith Your Majesty odds our house. In scene 7 Macbeth debates with himself whether he should kill Duncan. But his wife goads him, manipulating him, she questions his manhood Was hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself. She even questions his love for her From this time, should I account thy love. Macbeth still questions himself, but she begs him to tighten his courage to the limit. Lady Macbeth his pushing and pulling at a weak and vulnerable mind, so we must feel sympathy for him. Macbeth goes ahead with the plan to murder Duncan. In conclusion, I do feel sympathy for Macbeth at some points of Act 1 u to his wife being so ruthless and his loyalty and humanity at the beginning of the Act, but I feel as though t his means hardly anything because his does think about killing Duncan and Macbeth knows what he plans to do is wrong, and fully acknowledges the future consequences. That is a Step on which must fall down, or else overlap, for in my way it lies, he is saying he must either forget about manhood Was hope drunk wherein you dressed yourself. She even Duncan. In conclusion, do feel sympathy for Macbeth at some points of Act 1 beginning of the Act, but feel as though this means hardly anything because

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The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essays

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essays The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay ?â€Å"The Lottery,† a short story written by Dr. Shirley Jackson, It’s a 3rd person Narrative tale story with a neutral tone but an unforeseen ending. The author creates a story filled with interesting setting, symbolism, even in forms of characters, irony, grim reality, and a ritualized tradition that masks evil, which ultimately demonstrates how people blindly follow tradition. The setting of this story is anonymous the town is unnamed and its locations is not stated. with the help of close reading it seems to take place in a rural small farming community that has about three hundred people. In the beginning of the story the writer painted a beautiful atmosphere fill with joy but also anticipation because throughout the story, the reader gets an odd feeling about the residents and their annual practice hosted every year on June 27th called â€Å"The Lottery†. While reading through the second paragraph of the story there is an overwhelming sense that something terrifying is about to happen. Jackson’s use effects such as foreshadowing through the depiction of characters and setting. The literary device call Allegory is well seen in this story. The nature of the lottery itself is seem as an aspect of the story that is not exactly part of the plot nor the character’s even thou it connects to all the parts. Some other symbols that are mention are the Black box, the ballot which is blank containing one with a black dot and stones. The black box seems to symbolize the past, present and origins.The Black box also represents death. The ballot with the black dot can also represent evil or chosen one. according to folktales any white surface that has a black dot on it is consider sinful or curse.The Significant of the stones in this story give a hint that violence was seeking in. The social context in this story was clearly seen that the villagers was participating in a tradition that their themselves was not fully sure why it wa

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The Cancer Cell Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Cancer Cell - Essay Example For a long period, it has become clear that cancer frequently impinges on citizens who are above 50 years. Although the youthful populace also gets afflicted with such illnesses, the majority of populace suffering such ailments as cancer is the old populace (Hobson, 2009). Through the following observation, researchers have started to investigate the affiliation between biological procedures that direct disease and aging processes. Researchers have to this point been able to determine the connection between the two. Researchers have substantiated two ways of viewing the correlation between cancer and age. According to the findings provided, are that the forces that cause damage to human genes may be similar to the forces that compel both cancer and aging (Hobson, 2009). Therefore, this suggests that the processes guard against cancer, the genome and permanence. However, the second reason seems to be a bit complex concerning the correlation among the two. Naturally occurring tumor sup pressor molecules prevent the cells from reproducing or regenerating sporadically. The tumor suppressor cell provokes the fatality of the cells through a procedure regarded as apoptosis or it can shut down the cell’s ability to replicate. These two progressions produced by the suppressor molecules serve to protect the people during their reproductive periods. Therefore, as the populace gets older, the molecules abilities to guard the body through the two methods reduce. For this reason, the body becomes vulnerable to cancer attacks justifying the statement that the cancer cases are more extensive in the old people. For the young generation, the susceptibility is markedly reduced through the action of the suppressor molecules. The older people experience corporal changes that augment the probability of disease and disability and which interfere with the body’s ability to withstand cancer threats. Cancer occurs mainly because of any transformations or alterations on the oncogenes, tumor suppressor molecules and microRNA genetic material (Croce, 2008, 502). These modifications are usually somatic procedures, even though origin transmutation can dispose an individual to genetic or ancestral cancer. In cancer, a single alteration may not be sufficient to initiate cancer instead, cancer development is a multistep progression with alterations occurring in oncogenes (Croce, 2008, 502). Oncogenes are proteins that predetermine for the control of cell propagation, apoptosis or even the two processes. These genes are activated by structural transformations that originate from mutations or amplification (Croce, 2008, 503). Chromosomal reorganization, transmutations and gene extension, help in activation of oncogenes presenting an enlargement benefit or amplified continued existence of cells bearing such variations. In cases where, the oncogenes are activated by mutations, the preset protein is altered structurally in ways that allow for its transforming acti on. Myc is a replication regulator and its genes are usually translocated from the original chromosome to another chromosome. Chromosomal translocations help in joining the cellular oncogene together with immunoglobin that are believed to be vital, in the initiation of the oncogenic progressions in the developments of certain cell types. The translocation can be considered essential in essence, that it helps in the study of the means, heredity and biological outcomes of the translocations.

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Agreeing with Sherry Turkles View of Social Media Research Paper - 1

Agreeing with Sherry Turkles View of Social Media - Research Paper Example We rely on machines to direct our calls, authorize our automated bill payments, and social media dominates our online entertainment. We truly live in a world where social media dictates our personal lives and diminishes the quality of the interpersonal communication and relationships; as the anthropomorphizing of artificial computerized systems becomes all the more common, the more comfortable human beings are becoming with it. It is these tangible and visible examples of technological concerns that make Sherry Turkle absolutely correct in her argument that social media and dependence upon modern technologies are dangerous and have many negative effects on people of all ages. It is no secret that people of today are very attached to the technological devices that allow them access to the â€Å"online life.† People spend more time engaged in social media than with actual people even when they are in the physical company of another person. The nature of communication has changed since human beings first started communicating. As people began to spread farther and farther across the world communication was far less easy, sometimes downright impossible. The post office innovated mail, the telegraph made messages faster, and finally, the telephone brought people together. They encouraged human communication, where communication might not otherwise exist. Telephones and human conversation are still available today, but we are no longer comfortable or invested in them the way we once were. Today people want to socialize online, in text and type, with symbols instead of facial expressions, and abbreviations, like â€Å"lol† instead of real laughter. This is not necessarily having a positive effect on people and it is something we need to reevaluate and monitor (Chandra 1). This is exactly what Sherry Turkle is presenting in her work; social media technology is less of a tool and is becoming too much a way of life. Social media was originally intended to enhance people’s ability to interact and make connections with people all over the world; effectively broadening people’s horizons and encouraging greater diversity among its users.

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The 8 Cross - Cultural Curative Factors Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The 8 Cross - Cultural Curative Factors - Article Example The client will share the personal emotions faced due to negative self-thought, making it easier for the social worker to co-operate. The next step of â€Å"mastering† will involve the social worker changing the client’s perception of self by giving authentic examples of the client’s worth. This would mean the self-image of the client will change with the discussions. Lastly, â€Å"honoring† as the client will slowly accept his/her self-worth and feel good about it. The client will recognize the fallacy of negative self-worth and change towards positivity, eventually becoming productive and confident. In the case of Chicano clients, as they place special emphasis on familial bonding, the mastering and honoring step will involve the family making the client realize his/her worth. Since family holds unequaled importance, such words of appreciation will have a profound impact on the client, readily healing him/her from negative self-thought. If the motive of the social worker is grassroots organizing, the â€Å"hold† and â€Å"tell† stages of the intervention will be same. However, â€Å"mastering† would involve, along with perception changing discussions, the client’s interactions with like-minded individuals who have improved. â€Å"Honoring† would involve the client working with these groups to promote positivity. The client will be influenced by these groups, thereby not only achieving personal betterment, but also promoting such betterment. Also, as Chicano clients generally possess respect for spirituality and folk people, these groups promoting positivity should likely include religious priests and shamans (primitive natural healers). The inclusion of these people will not only make the group more effective, but also attract the Chicano clients to join and work with them in close